11 April 2008

Golf, family time, and idols

I'm sure I will offend many people when I say that golf sucks. I think it is stupid. I think it is a waste of a lot of hours in the day. I think it is a waste of good land space/usage.

But I was delighted this morning on NPR when I heard them talk about the decline in the number of people playing golf. Hopefully the people who used to take up so much of their day avoiding their families, or just drinking to oblivion in the heat will find better use of their time. Perhaps actually spend some with their significant others or their children. And perhaps find better use of their money. Maybe use it to put toward the super large house they are living in which they cannot afford, or the car that they are leasing. Or maybe even use it to buy things necessary for their household.

Not sure what they can do with all those clubs, though.

In other exciting news (please note my sarcasm) there are going to be stamps to highlight American Idol winners.

I am not kidding. This is for real.

The first will be Kelly Clarkson, but more will follow. I guess the good thing is that the proceeds go to the Idol Gives Back Foundation. And since so many people watch that horrendous show, I'm sure a lot of money will go toward a good cause.

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