28 April 2008

Visualize world peace

After a student tells me that "ok, ms ____ this conversation is over" when I tell him that during a quiz he should not be talking to another person.
1. Me leaning in really close to the student and telling him to kiss my ass.
2. Me telling the kid off using many of the words that are regularly bleeped out on television.
3. Me taking a kid by the shirt collar and shoving him against the counter before throwing him against the wall. (I am a woman, not very big, but I am strong, and it would be possible.)

Fortunately I know to just visualize this instead of acting on it. But, ooooohh, child. It was really tempting. Even after I came over and sat down I still had the urge.

Instead I politely and calmly told the child that he should not talk to me like that, that I would not take that kind of disrespect and that he needed to show other students the same respect they showed him while he is taking the quiz.

Shame on my parents and myself for making me choose the sane way out.

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