02 November 2012

Post-Sandy commute to work

Back to work today.  No kids.  Just teachers.

Trip to work: Two subways to 42nd Street, met with three teachers who also live in Manhattan and then tried to catch a cab to Brooklyn.  Got a cab, the driver almost didn't want to take us when he found out we were going to BK.

Coming home: Tried to get a car with the car service company by the school (that had been our go-to plan when we were heading toward school).  Services said they had no cars due to no gas and not being able to get gasoline in the area.  Got to see Lower Manhattan.  The armored vehicles, the lack of lights, the desolateness.  Kind of eerie.  Some areas, like Union Square, I have been to and have been in awe of the amount of people.  Today, it was completely empty.  I was scared driving through there with no street lights since cabs were rushing all over the place and we almost were hit twice.

We started walking down the street trying to get a cab.  walked for 30 minutes in the direction of the Williamsburg Bridge hailing cabs and car service vehicles to no avail.  Finally found a man getting out of a cab and were able to squeeze four teachers in.

Drove through Lower Manhattan again.  Got to see the street corner where the lights turn on and where life begins again.  It was amazing to see how it suddenly went from no people to people.

Walked several blocks from Grand Central Station to help a fellow teacher find her way to the Bolt Bus she was going to take to VA for the weekend, and then took a normal train back to the crib.

Not sure how this is all going to work on Monday when we are back to having students and I have to be at work by 7:20.  There are shuttles that I saw at 42nd and Lexington that will take me over, and hopefully there will be more subway lines opened.

Not sure how students will all get there, and if they are all ok, either.  Many live all over the different boroughs, not just in Brooklyn.  We've heard from some, but won't know for sure about all of them until the middle/end of the day on Monday (if school is not called again).


  1. I am glad you are well. I had no power until this afternoon. 5 days,but I am so blessed and thankful. I haven't been back to work, and the LIRR was a mess. My sister is stranded in Rockaway so she didn't go to work, but the other one did and worked on report cards. She had her hubby drive her to her friends house to get a ride in to Bushwick from LI. Her kids had no school so it was a problem. i hope things get better for those who are suffering. Glad they cancelled the marathon.

    1. Glad you and your family are ok!! I know it is really bad in those parts. Stay safe and, hopefully, your work is ok with you doing things from home or just not coming in without being penalized until transportation is better.

      Things will get better!

  2. I didn't realize the aftermath is not that great. I am glad both of you are okay even though there are a lot of inconveniences. Stay safe!

    1. It is really bad in some areas, but some areas just have downed trees.

  3. I am glad you made it through ok and I hope that things bounce back quickly.


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