12 November 2012

What I don't have to be afraid of anymore

I can now stop watching every step to be sure that I don't step on a nail and get tetanus.

I can now allow the students to breathe on me with their nasty germs.

I can now touch the handles in the subways and not have to be 'surfing' while I stand trying to hold my balance.

I can eat food from places that look slightly questionable, but smell oh-so-good.

I can now breathe easy.

This weekend, I finally have received my medical insurance from my place of work.  If I get sick, now I can see a doctor (if I can find one).

Well, I can breathe easy as long as whatever happens to me does not require prescription medication to solve the issue.

The new insurance does not cover prescriptions, except for those related to diabetes.

So, I still have to do some work to acquire insurance from the teachers' union - the Target pharmacist said they cover regular medication.  Why is this all so difficult to get done in this city?

This is the third month I have had to pay full price for medications.

I don't have money to keep doing that ish.


  1. Ugh! I hate medical ish! I hope it works out sooner rather than later! Maybe my Army recruiters can help, they are quite chivalrous :)

    1. Hopefully, no school today, so I have to make some calls tomorrow. There is a window in the month of November when you can change options - there are nine... clearly I chose the wrong one.


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