21 November 2012

November Photos - Week Three

More pictures in my November Photo-A-Day installation.  Prompts come from Fat Mum Slim's list.

November 14 - Man-made
14. My ride to and from work each day is the subway.  It is really amazing that man made all these routes and dug up all the tunnels and put together the electrical system that runs the trains and keeps them from colliding.  The tunnels are all dug out of some really hard rock.  I have been meaning to get to the NYC transit museum to learn more about how they were made, but have yet to do so.

November 15 - In your bag
15. Went grocery shopping at Target.  These were a few of the items in my bags.  I am really digging the "limited edition" pumpkin spice bread from Pepperidge Farms.  Tasty!

November 16 - The view from my window
16. Classroom window before I left for the weekend.  Some students were in afterschool programs.  I had just finished stuffing my face with food and dessert and juice from our teachers' Thanksgiving feast.  So many good foods.  And the office staff went to the store while we ate to buy storage containers so we could take food home.  So wonderful.  I took this picture of the view from my window as I tried to rest for a second to let all of the food settle in my belly.

November 17 - Last thing you bought
17. I was planning on waiting until Thanksgiving to get my winter gear.  After the big storm of Sandy, it got really cold.  It isn't even that cold, really, but it is really windy.  And I am walking outside.  All of the time.  I thought I would be able to layer, but I have no layers in town.  I thought my scarves would suffice, but they are thinner, warmer-weather scarves and don't provide enough warmth.  So, I broke down and bought a coat from my new favorite store, Uniqlo.  I love the coat (even though it does not have internal pockets or zippered external pockets).  I debated about the white with all the dirty subways and whatnot, but went with it because it pops and is different from the typical dark colored coats you see in the winter time.  It is really warm and the hood is huge!!  I have warn it the past two days, and it is actually so warm that I get hot on the subways and if I am walking fast.  I guess this means I may not need too many layers underneath.

November 18 - Happened this weekend
18. I went to another Bollywood fitness class.  So loving it.  Third one in a week (and ever) and my body is starting to learn the moves better so I don't feel like the idiot in the back of the room (at least not the whole time).  The location was different from during the week.  It was in a building that looked very nondescript and I had to go up a few flights of stairs and down a hallway that made me wonder if I was in the right place.  The ground was splatter painted, which made me wonder if it was the same ground from the late 80s/early 90s.  Do people still think splatter paint is cool?  I found a neat little eatery that served some good pancakes, bacon, and eggs after the class - anywhere that serves breakfast after morning is a great dining location to me.

November 19 - Something awesome
19. Seemless.com is the most awesome thing ever!  It is a website where you can order food from tons of NYC restaurants and the food is delivered to you.  Restaurants that are not really delivery restaurants.  I ordered a simple sandwich from a place, but there are Asian, pizza, Mexican, and more places that deliver to my area.  Pretty great, right?

November 20 - Work/play
20. On this day, I took my advisory class to McD's as a reward for earning good behavior points.  Well, 7/10 of them.  I allowed them to vote on the destination (or a potluck), and they voted for that restaurant.  I saw a cop car as we crossed the street to walk over to the place and joked that I was going to call him over and tell him the students were truant.  Little did I know they would experience something crazy in the restaurant after we had our food.  Some cops pulled up in this van and were interrogating three young school-aged kids outside.  Then they came in.  They walked over to where we were and started asking my students what they were doing.  I guess they didn't think I was a teacher at first (I was dressed in my jacket and beanie-style hat).  I told them that the students were supposed to be in school (wink, wink to the officer) and that they might need to be taken in.  The officers talked to the students some more, even pulled their jackets back at the belt to show their taser and gun.  The kids were freaked out.  After a few more moments, my eighth graders were assured that they would not be taken in and that it was ok for them to be with me since it was an approved leave from school for 45 minutes.  Hilarious to me!!

You can see my week one and two photos as well.


  1. I must say I love the winter gear. AND, you have the best smile!!

    1. Thanks! That is very kind. And I LOVE cooler weather clothing!!

  2. I love Seamless Web! I use it to order firm lunches all the time. So much easier than dealing with a phone! I have yet to go to the transit museum and I am a native. Must look into that. I know I would like to see the old tokens again! The winter is now here, tomorrow they are calling for wet slushy snow. UGH.

    1. It is so great! I've only used it twice now, but will start more!

      They are doing old fashioned car rides on one of the trains for the holiday months. You should look into it. I think it is on the M line. I want to try it out!


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