07 November 2012

November Photos - Week One

Happy First-day-with-no-campaign-commercials-but-probably-endless-election-analyzation-and-probably-soon-after-inauguration-day-already-campaign-stuff-about-the-next-election Day.

November Photo-A-Day Challenge.  I'm doing the prompts list from Fat Mum Slim's November list.

I have done this for a few different months this year, and have enjoyed it each time.

November 1 - Something beginning with 'C'
1. 'C' was definitely for crowd at 42nd and Lexington Ave.  First day out and about with subway service post-Sandy.  It was insane, and I couldn't get a picture that really showed the massive crowds at this corner.  This is where many people caught shuttles to go across to Brooklyn.  As well as where people from the Bronx, Queens, and Upper Manhattan had to get off subways and take shuttles, walk, or take buses down to lower Manhattan.

November 2 - Colour
2. After work on Friday, it took us almost a half-hour to find a cab that had gas and was willing to take five of us teachers back into Manhattan.  The yellow-coloured cabs were hard to find and the amount of them that told us no or who already had passengers was disheartening.  We kept walking toward the bridge and finally found this van.  We were hoping it was the Cash Cab so we could win some money and be on TV.  No luck there, but we were happy to get back to Manhattan.  It was good bonding time, too.

November 3 - Breakfast
3. I'm not doing oatmeal everyday, like I did last year, but I am eating it every so often.  This Saturday, I had it with the usual add-ins - blueberries, strawberries, and granola bars.  Nice and warm on a cold morning post-yoga.

November 4 - TV
4. I never dreamed that I could live without TV.  But, miraculously, I have done so since August.  I have only watched about three hours of tv since I have been in NYC.  After I got rid of the cable, I checked to see if any local channels came on the television, but, I think I need some sort of special device to make that happen.  I don't think it is that serious.  I do think that I may invest in some sort of device (PS, AppleTV, or otherwise) that can help me to view Netflix/Hulu/etc-streamed videos.  Until then, I still have my yoga mat in front of the TV until I get a couch and it (yoga) is a great way to start my day.  (I don't normally have the TV on static, that was just for the photo. Usually it is stays off.)

November 5 - 5 o'clock
5. Before the storm, I really had not seen very many gas stations in NYC.  I figured people didn't drive that much.  After Sandy, I started seeing lines like nothing I have ever witnessed.  This day the line of people was three blocks, the line of cars was at least a mile and a half.  There was really no good angle that would show the depth of the lines.  People seemed to wait fairly patiently - that was good.

November 6 - A favourite Thing
6. I don't have a tv that is functional, but have been so busy that I haven't really missed it.  Election night, I didn't want to be on the web looking at results all night, so I searched for one of my favourite shows - House Hunters International.  I found some episodes on HGTV.com to quench my thirst.  I still don't understand how some of the people on there have the extra money to buy a second home or to just move to another country (sometimes, seemingly without a source of income in the area).  But, it is good entertainment and I love seeing the homes.  I am the person who walks down the street (much easier now than when I tried to do it driving) and loves to look into the homes/apartments without blinds to see how their homes look.  The geek in me also watched a little bit of Star Trek, too.


  1. haha - I love the Cash Cab!!! Better luck next time!!

    1. Thanks! I've been on the lookout for it since I came to the city. Not sure if they even still do the show, though.

  2. I LOVE cash cab too! I really enjoyed your post, and the pictures were great! Really cool, I look forward to reading your posts! Stay safe, cindy

    1. That show was great! Of course I always did better watching it. I'm sure the pressure is different when you are actually the real contestant.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. Mmmmm... oatmeal with blueberries. I'm hungry now.

    1. It's so good and gives me another serving of fruit for the day.

  4. I love these little peeks into your life.

    1. Thanks! I love taking the photos and sharing them.


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