16 November 2012

Sitting for six days and nights

It was six days of trash sitting on the sidewalk before the city picked it up.

More a statement than a complaint.

I know many people in other parts of the city (and neighboring cities) are way worse off with their sanitation issues due to lack of water and power.  And sewage flooded into the streets.


  1. NYC is just such a different way of life - - a different culture, I guess. I'd be grossed out if my garbage was sitting out for six days!

    1. It really is different.

      I keep walking past it wondering why other people seem to think it is ok.

      I am grossed out each time I walk past the different trash piles throughout the city, whether it is there for a night, or many days!

  2. I was surprised to see garbage trucks out in our town on Monday, the day of the storm. Granted, we were not in the direct path of the storm, but we were still getting wind gusts of 50mph, peaking at 70mph.

    I thought it was crazy, because once the cans are empty, they'd blow all over the place. Besides, the governor ordered that only emergency vehicles be on the roads.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!


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