05 November 2012

Sounding like a 110 year old smoker

Thoughts in going through my head:
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  • No, I don't really want to come over and help you with your assignment.  Why?  Because you are coughing as though you have the Bubonic Plague.  Every time I start to think maybe you are ok, you start hacking again.  It is not a normal hack.  It sounds as though you have been smoking for 50 years, have serious bronchitis, or are about to blow out a lung.
What I actually do:
  • Walk over to the student.  I try to breathe slowly so that I don't breathe in her air to many times. I ask if she needs to get a drink or go see the nurse. She says no, she just has asthma.  She then procedes to pass me her assignment.  I take it and walk to the turn in area with it.
Then, when I have a chance, I apply some hand sanitizer to my hands.  I want to rinse my lungs with it, but I don't think that is safe.  

I have never heard asthma sound like that.

Oh, the joys of being a teacher during the sick season (and really all year is sick season with some kids).


  1. Ugh... cold and flu season.
    Maybe it was just asthma. My cough can sound pretty nasty sometimes!

    1. I hope so. I have never been around someone with asthma that strong - and she didn't have her inhaler with her that day.

  2. Urgh, more germs is something you don't need after your most recent cold!!

    1. Definitely not. Thankfully, we had professional development on Election Day and didn't have to see the children that day. Hopefully, she used that day to heal and get that cough checked out.

    2. Fingers crossed and keep wrapped up I heard it snowed in NYC.


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