29 November 2012

StL friend in NYC

This afternoon after school I received a text from a coach from my last school.  He was my assistant coach and is a great guy who helped me find some joy each day even if it was through a dirty joke or a friendly jab at me.

His wife works for a company that has her travel occasionally for work and she is in NYC.  He took two personal days off school and is in town for today and through the weekend.

Of course, I had to meet up with him for at least a bit.

We met for drinks close to his hotel by Columbus Circle - an area I have been to a couple times to see the massive statue in the mall, but not really to do much else.

We found a hole in the wall, yet still kind of ritzy bar, and had a couple drinks and chatted it up.

Like me, he has made last season his last year of coaching.  Said my leaving made it even easier for him to walk away.

We caught up on him, his family, his neighborhood, the school where he works, the school where I work, and his views of NYC and where he was going to go while here with his wife working all day tomorrow.

It was so nice to see a familiar, friendly, face.  And to be corny and just catch up.

Good times.

Now, I need to catch up with all the other people I have been meaning to meet up with since I have been in The City.


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