08 November 2012

Doing all right

Sometimes, I get little messages like this just when I really need them in my career.

This was the last question on a survey I gave the students after the first marking period was complete.

It made me smile and reassured me that, even in this new school, I am doing ok.


  1. That is the best endorsement of your teaching - - when a student tells you you're doing great!! Keep it up!!

  2. Yay, what wonderful recognition. Something to make it all seem worth it ;-)

  3. You are a wonderful teacher, but it's always super nice when the kids tell you too :)

    1. Thanks. It always makes us feel better when we hear it from them, doesn't it?!

  4. How lovely :D I'm so chuffed for you and such a boost for the confidence! Brilliant!


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