02 April 2008


It really is amazing to me how many African-American women I see in commercials with natural hair. It is so beautiful. It comes in so many textures, cuts, twists, braids, colors, fades.

Everywhere I go in real life I see a ton of women with no chemicals straightening their hair.

What is also amazing is how so many of the women you see in tv shows, and if you catch a "music" channel during the times when they actually show them, those women do not represent these hair styles. Most of them rock super straight hair -- usually weaved or sown in in some way.

Why is there the disconnect?

I'm not even going to get into the argument of which is better. I know that my hair is healthier than ever before. But I also know that women choose to do their hair the way they want regardless of what I or any one else say to them.

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