30 March 2008

Big/small time sports and 33 years

I meant to give these guys a shout out last week, but was super busy and, honestly, forgot.

I really could give a care about basketball, but since it is March Madness and people are obsessing over brackets for D1 ball I figured they need some props too.

How often do you see a team with kids with doing well in sports in college AND doing well in school? There are some, but I know from my D1 college experience that most of the football and basketball athletes are not too stellar in the classroom. One of the guys is rocking a 4.0. At Washington University in St. Louis. In Computer Science. And they won by a lot.

In other news, I am moved. I woke to the huge storm last night and was so reassured that I did not have to immediately bounce up and make sure the rain buckets were in the right spot and being emptied at the correct intervals.

I guess now I have to get back to regular life and grade papers or something after giving my parents their wedding anniversary gift. 33 years and counting! Amazing!

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