28 March 2008

Too much stuff, but I'm hopeful

Counting down the minutes when the movers will call to say they are ready to haul my stuff.

Last night the dripping was almost soothing.

Packing sucks. I have been getting rid of and giving away a ton of stuff over the last couple of years to simplify my life, but I still seem to have a butt load of books, binders and other miscellaneous items. Kitchen stuff is the worst.

I'm starting to get excited about track. I was really indifferent at the start of the season. Mainly because last year was such a let down due to circumstances out of my hands. But I am finding it hard to be pessimistic this season. But I am ready yet to fully embrace all the possibilities that could come together this year. I think the kids see it too, though, so hopefully it will work out. The kids are working hard and I think I still can own Donnie's name for me "Coach Sargent Murder".

Things I don't think will happen this year that happened in previous seasons:
  • Shit found on a bus blamed on my athletes, but likely placed by the angry bus driver
  • Hotel fights among girls who are after the same dude
  • 4 hospital visits via ambulance in one season
  • 21 second 100m dashes
  • Kids getting pulled by their mothers the day before the District qualifying meet
But it is still early and you never know what will happen.

Got to get back to packing.

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