20 March 2008

Flooding, signing day, and unmitigated disaster

The weather here has been crazy. There are deaths and missing people. The Mid West has been declared a spot that can be called an emergency. There are people being displaced due to flood damage to their homes.

What I have experienced the past few days in no way compares to all of that, but it has been really annoying.

I can't remember when it started raining. I just know that on Tuesday the leaks in the apartment started. Tuesday night they got really bad. It spread to six of the eight windows in the place. I am on the top floor of an old building with a flat roof that is draining into my apartment.

The dripping was so incessant that I literally couldn't sleep Tuesday night. I had to get up, no joke, every hour to empty buckets. This went on until Wednesday morning when the rain stopped. Then I was only having to empty buckets every couple of hours. The sun started shining, is still shining, yet I am still emptying buckets that are steadily filling.

I couldn't sleep last night, either, because the dripping was so loud.

I have to move to another apartment.

The manager said he will help by providing movers if I stay in their buildings. I hate moving. I hate packing up stuff. I have seriously downsized my belongings, but was looking at them yesterday and realized that there is still a lot of stuff. So today I will get rid of more. This is the way I am spending my Spring Break. Wonderful.

I will hopefully move this weekend. If you have boxes, hook a sista up.

On a totally different front.

Why is this such big news to our society? Why don't we hear news of top academic recruits to schools? Why are schools not given public acclaim for the awesomely smart people they get into their schools?

Back to the war. Democracy Now! from yesterday talked with soldiers who had to deal with rape in the military, with raiding the wrong homes, as well as with parents who had soldiers with PTSD and couldn't get treatment for their twenty three year old son who after returning from the war committed suicide. Check it out.

Also check out the Granny Peace Brigade who staged a knit-in in New York to protest the war.

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