18 March 2008

It's already been five years

Coming up on the fifth anniversary of the US invasion of the Iraq.

Soldiers' stories. Check them out. We really need to understand what is really going on, why we are they, when we are going to declare the job finished, when we will get out of the area.

Winter Soldier hearings (modeled after the hearings held during the Vietnam War) where veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan gathered this past weekend to testify. Of course this was not in the mainstream media. This link is to DemocracyNow! It is in two parts so far this week. Check back because I believe Amy Goodman is doing more the rest of the week. Part One, and Part Two. They are long transcripts, but you should really read them. Read what they say is the typical treatment of the local civilians -- the "haji" (extremely derogatory term for the local population that is used by the military from the highest ranks all the way down).

Another link is Iraq Veterans Against the War explaining 10 reasons veterans, active duty, and National Guard men and women are opposed to the war in Iraq.

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