17 March 2008

Is Boston a city or a continent?

It seems the work of a social studies teacher is never finished. And that, sometimes, it is never really absorbed.

Today as I was driving during the day to run some errands (thank goodness for spring break when I get to feel like a regular adult who can do errands during regular hours and not put things off until Saturday). On the radio they were doing a quiz show type game involving the caller answering five questions correctly.

One of the questions asked where the first St. Patrick's Day celebration took place. The DJs even said that it was in the first 13 colonies, caller just had to answer which city.

That narrows it down to the East Coast of the US.

Which city?

Some of the callers answered that question right and just missed the some of the other questions.

One caller however made me seriously question humanity.

His answer to which city in the original 13 American colonies hosted the first St. Pat's Day shindig was....


Yes. Which city? In a current state? On the East Coast?


This was a grown man.

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