12 March 2008

I know people like peace and quiet, but come on now

I know that sometimes couples have arguments, disagreements, or they may just need to be apart from each other temporarily.

I also know some people really enjoy their bathrooms. I can only imagine when I am able to make the perfect Ikea bathroom. It will be an oasis.

But this... this... I really have no words to say about this issue. So please just read the article.

I guess I do have a few things to say:
  • Why did the boyfriend not think something was wrong with her when she did not come out of the bathroom after even a few hours?
  • Why did he not think something was going on when he started having to bring food to her in the bathroom?
  • Why did the lady not ever get up to wash her hands, move around, stretch, etc?
  • What leads someone to want to sit in one spot for that long?
  • Her feet must have been really asleep when she finally walked. Imagine those pins and needles.
  • Imagine the doctor conversations when she came in to the hospital. Or the medic conversations after they pried her toilet seat from the base.
  • Most importantly -- Why did she never GET UP TO WIPE?
    • Imagine the fungus/disease/rankness that is her ass. Or better yet, don't imagine that shit -- for your own sake.

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