18 April 2008

I am not crazy. The ground did shake.

I just woke up to shaking!!!

There was just an earthquake. In St.Louis. This shouldn't happen. I double checked online and it said there was a magnitude 5.4 earthquake on the east side of Illinois.

I think I almost shit myself. But after shaking in my skin for awhile, and looking online to make sure it was not my imagination, I made it to the toilet without messing myself.

But then when I got out of bed I couldn't tell if anyone else in the building felt anything. Or if anyone outside did either.

And at it took awhile for the earthquake sites to bring it up online.

But after about 15 minutes, it was finally posted, and I knew I was not crazy.

That damn Madrid fault line. I always new it would happen at some point. And I know this is not big compared to some, but for me to feel something 127 miles from the epicenter is not right. I am not in Cali, I am not in the ring of fire, or whatever, in the Pacific. I should not be awakened by any type of shaking. And I'm not even that close to it. Imagine how the people felt at the epicenter. I hope there are no after shocks.

I can deal with tornadoes, storms, floods, droughts, mosquitoes, cardinal fans, all that, but being in the MidWest, I'm not prepared to deal with any kind of quakes. Unless they are quakers -- and only when those quakers are in the oat form.


  1. you felt it too, thank goodness I was not alone. I heard and felt it too.

  2. I thought it was Chris shaking the bed from a leg twitch or something. I hit him, told him to quit it, and then went back to sleep. Must have really been out of it.

    Woke up to check my e-mail and saw that it was an earthquake. Dang!!!


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