07 April 2008

The sun is still shining -- despite some clouds

All that I said about the wonderfulness of the sun... was shortly thereafter negated. Only slightly, though.

I went to the faculty meeting after school. There it was announced that MAP testing would be postponed due to the test being seen by someone it was not supposed to be seen by.

This ruined my plans for the week. I now have to plan stuff, which I would have done earlier or even last week had I known we would not start testing on Wednesday. Now the hopes of reading for fun will be pushed off for two more weeks. The dreams of free time will be only dreams.

Another cloud in the cloudless sky happened during practice. When I came out after the meeting I was told that an athlete had tried to fight another student over some thing that had happened at his house. About 10 minutes later I am watching the kids do their buildups and suddenly see the throwers drop their stuff and jump the fence. Didn't think much of it, just thought they were going to meet the throwing coach. Especially when the coaches son was then seen running over that way as though he was late and trying not to get in trouble.

But then there was a mob of folks. My kid had walked that way a bit earlier looking heated. I thought he was going to go home and try to cool off.


He was going to meet another kid who had come back up to school after hearing that my athlete had stepped to one of his friends. They fight. Cops are called. Both are cut up in the brow. One is escorted back into the school looking like Tito Ortiz had clocked him.


Blood gushing down his whole face. The other kid was kept in the cop car outside until the paramedics could see to his wound. The kid inside is later joined by the paramedics and then escorted back outside in handcuffs. He is then (still in handcuffs) put on a gurney and wheeled to the ambulance with his head wound up in bandages.

This all while I am trying to conduct practice. While the soccer team is trying to play a game.

But the sun is still shining. We do a few things at practice. I work with some of the athletes to improve their form. I go to the park again to run for a short bit.

Now back home. I am not yet going to fret about planning for school.

The sun is still shining and it is still warm.

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  1. Lady, you don't even have to tell me. The minute you told me that stuff about MAP, my blood pressure just went up and staying up until about five minutes ago.

    Funny, Chris is supposed to test MAP tomorrow and he says they're still on.


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