20 April 2008

The weather outside is not frightful, but this paper is

This is what I am having to grade right now. (Please note that the typos and grammatical mistakes are taken straight from the paper.)
What I am comparing and contrasting in this essay is the wonen roles that were changing in the women jobs choice in the region of Latin America and Western Europe. In Between the time period of 1750 to 1914.
In Latin America during this time peroid the wome had to try to have a move for independece as in many place wonen try to move up in society and try not to be subordent to Men. women start to try to get job in the church was the biggest place for women in lation america this was similar to western europe because women were not only wokring in church and stuff they were also getting jobs that men use to occupie
In this time perod it was really good becase women started righting books, poetry. That was happening in Lation americ su ceficly but that was not the only thing that the wonen did. For many year over time you can see the women posisitive agression to get ahead.
I think I'll stop there. Remember, typos and such were purposeful. It was actually hard to type like that.

I teach high school.

I still have two more pages of this to decipher and try and understand, then go through it again and try and grade it.

All while I should be outside enjoying the weather.

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  1. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard.


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