02 May 2008

My upcoming weekend

Today I leave for small town Missouri. Track meet out of town. Too far to travel in the morning, so we will stay over night. I'm hoping it is better than the last time we stayed over night for Districts. That time two students were fighting over a boy that neither of them needed to be claiming. It was so loud that a person staying their was awakened and called the front desk repeatedly. Then he talked to me the next morning. Threatened to call the school. Then did. Repeatedly for a week. Other athletes were in the hallway yelling and singing and fighting throughout the night.

This time I have already laid the preeminent smack down. They know not to do anything crazy.

But I will still have to be with 20-something young ones for the night.

I am excited about the possibilities and what they can do, though. And there are some kids that are pretty decent to be around.

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