07 May 2008

How many degrees are in a full circle?

Is it really only Wednesday?????

Shout out to Ibie for finally trying to help people understand that a 360 degree change really means that you have not changed at all. I have never understood why people say that. Did they not take geometry? And even if they did not take that class, can't they understand that 360 degrees is completion? When you throw a boomerang, it should go 360 degrees and come back to its starting point. If you think that you life has changed 360 degrees, you have come right back to your initial behavior. You have not changed. At all.

It really is only Wednesday.

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  1. Thank you for publicizing this fact! It has driven me crazy for years.

    The next thing to tackle is "Quantum." It is used in common language to indicate a large leap, however, in physics a quantum change is actually very very small.


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