24 May 2008

BET needs to really revamp

Been reading some excellent commentary on the horror that has become the cable network BET.

I hate the channel with a passion and am happy to see that other black people do as well. Now if we can get the channel to change their programing for the better more than just showing Girlfriends and A Different World occasionally.

Here are a couple sites:
We really need to stop the promotion of the ignorance of our youth. And in some cases, their parents.

There is no reason I should have a student at homecoming booty-poppin' on a handstand. No reason young girls should be so free about having sex with all the same boys and then complaining that they do not understand relationships and why they are all getting the same STDs. Perhaps if parents and the stations these young people watch worked better at informing and educating people rather than ignoring, entertaining, and trying to make a dollar, situations with our youth might be a bit better.

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