06 May 2008

Another dumb, racist(?) anchor comment

Sometimes I forget what year it is. Especially when I am watching CNN with my sisters, really it's just on as we admire the new addition to Kid Sis #2's family.

Home boy was talking about how Obama was leading the poll results in North Carolina. They have these new Smartboard type screens that the anchors can touch, circle things on, open things up, etc.

As he is circling a section of southern North Carolina, the words that came out of his mouth were something to the effect of "He received a lot of black votes here (circled area) because this is a former slave territory."

All three of us are sitting there not really paying attention, but for whatever reason, just before he said this, it became quiet. And we all were completely shocked by that statement.

What the hell does that mean? What the hell does it have to do with the election occurring in 2008? What does that have to do with the people who currently live in the region's voting habits? What in the world made him say that comment? Did he really just say that on TV? And none of the other numerous anchors put him in check? And he didn't catch himself after saying it? Or explain the comment? Were we the only three offended? Am I crazy?

I know that some people who are not of color don't really think about the statements they make about brown folks, but that is bit much. Seriously.

Trust that I have emailed the station about that shit.

Almost made me not hungry. Until I remembered that it was Teacher Appreciation Free Burrito Night at Chipotle.

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