13 May 2008

They're moving in

Starting next week some of the central office personnel are moving into my class room. They will mainly be in here when I do not have class in here. But, honestly, I can see them popping in for their stuff sporadically throughout the day.

More annoying, I can see them telling me to clean up stuff that is really not that messy. You see, the district seems to have a large focus on extreme, heart surgery-style neatness. My room is not really messy under most people's standards, but for the higher ups, this place is a pig sty.

Again with the wishes -- I wish they would tell me to clean up more. Because I would have to come back with telling them what my focus is -- the children. Teaching them. Making sure they are attentive, making sure they are on task, making sure they are learning.

I teach. I don't run a maid service.

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