23 May 2008

Breakfast, euphoria, sexism?

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and eating a St. Louis Bread Co. (Panera for those not in Da Lou) breakfast sandwich. Those things are like that shot of meth the guy on the corner needs to get through the night, or that sniff of coke the CEO needs to make it through the broker meeting. The only thing better is when I have become such a regular at the store that even though there are five people in front of me, the lady at the counter calls out my name and asks, "Breakfast sandwich? How many?" I answer, she calls a guy out from the back to go over to the sandwich section, and my order is started with 4 people still in front of me in the line.


The euphoric state of mind was almost ruined when I got in the car and heard a story of some women on NPR saying that the only reason Clinton is not doing well is because of sexism. That her followers should jump from the Democratic side to the Republican candidate if Clinton is not the Democratic nominee for president.

Bitch, please. It's not because she is a woman. I give them the point that there are some people in the media who are constantly dissing her and using sexist comments about her, but come on now. She is not the best candidate for all the people. She is not as charismatic or as good at uniting people as the other Dem candidate.

And if these people are so willing to support the Republican candidate if she is not in the running, then they need to seriously look at why they are supporting her. It must not be due to the issues she stands for, otherwise they would see that the Rep have completely opposing views.

They must be only voting for and supporting her because she is a woman. Not because of her stance on the issues.

Perhaps they are the sexist ones.

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