22 May 2008

Tired, bored, regulating

I'm really tired today. I am also kind of bored since it is just a jeopardy review day/catch up day/work on your film festival project day in my classes. Students are working. I have to keep myself occupied during that time... and try not to doze off.

It's truly a challenge. But I have found some things to keep me occupied.
  • Checking my email. Again. And again.
  • Reading blogs on stlbloggers
  • Reading the random news on yahoo
  • Coming across articles like this about the president of The Gambia. He has "promised vicious retribution against the LGBT community, immigrants, and anyone who helps them. He said: "Any hotel, lodge or motel that lodges this kind of individuals will be closed down, because this act is unlawful."" Wow.
  • Finding other places, besides The Gambia, to travel to. Cheaply. They all sound fabulous. As does my bed right now.
  • Reading about this dumb ass and wondering why I didn't try to take advantage of his SS# when he kept posting it in the commercials.
  • Reading about the double standard in the media toward the Republican candidate and his religious supporters.
  • Checking out some hilarious international images and advertisements of G-Dubb.
  • Grading some last minute assignments.
  • Filling out failure notices.
  • And, possibly the most entertaining of all... reminiscing on some old G-Funk and watching this video. The days when you couldn't be any geek off the street. You had to be handy with the steal if you wanted to earn your keep. Mount up.

If I had wings, I would fly. Let me contemplate. Funk on a whole new level.

Hilarious. But still kind of sounding good.

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