21 June 2007

Under the Sea

Back in the summer before sixth grade I realized that I could not see. Went and got my first pair of glasses -- tortoise shell, took up 2/4 of my face, despite this, I still thought they looked cool. Time went on, and I got into high school. It was always kind of hard to run races, or wrestle people without being able to see them. The thought of contacts initially weirded me out. Especially after John Cho had one of his fall out during a wrestling match and he used his spit to put it back in his head.

I succumbed junior year. Contacts were the greatest thing ever. Except that I would always wear them past the time the doctor recommended and they would start to irritate my eyes.

I have tried to estimate the amount of money I have used on glasses, contacts, contact solution, glasses cleaner, eye doctor appointments, and shit in what seems like a million years. The number is astronomical. Seems more like the US budget deficit or something.

But that is over.

Do you all remember the Little Mermaid movie? There is a scene in there, not really sure what is happening, I just remember the music. Very peaceful, mermaid singing "Aaaa-aaa-aaaaa. Aaaa-aaa-aaa-aaaa-aaaaaa". That is my theme song when I have woken up the past three days. Why?

I can see. I can see. I can see!

I had a version of Lasik on Monday. I had to get the PRk one since my corneas are thin and my prescription was so bad. It has a little bit longer recovery time, but I can still see way better. And it will only get better as the days go on.

Many people who wear glasses and contacts worry about the cost of the surgery. Honestly, that should be the thing that convinces you to do it. The cost of the surgery is less than you have probably shelled out your entire life for eye correction stuff. And this time it is a one time payment that will have you able to see the leg hairs on your leg as you shave in the shower,

Wonderful. Only thing now is that I am still really sensitive to light, which is making typing this kind of hard.

I would love to write more about the surgery, more about this NC guy who they disbarred, more about a lot of current issues, but it is starting to hurt. Instead, i will make some pancakes.

I will write more when I am recovered a little bit more.

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  1. I want to see too! Don't forget those of us who are still blind as you move forward in your optamolic quest for excellence!


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