23 January 2008


Just finished Weeds Season Two. Awesome. Crazy cliff hanger. Can't wait for season three to come out. You really have to love a show that has a lady pull up next to a jeep, in a hoopty, and blasts The World, from PRI. By the way you should listen to the weather in Yakutsk that they talked about yesterday on the show. Gets down lower than -49F. So cold that your medal glasses frames could pull of the skin on your cheeks and ears.

Now I can hopefully get to bed earlier. And maybe be more productive in the night time.

At least until the latest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm comes out next week. There's just something about that show that makes me laugh. Perhaps it is his super sloppy way of dress, or his super dry humor, or his ability to get himself into some really crazy situations.

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