06 February 2009

Shout out: Kyle Beachy, The Slide

Shout out to my high school classmate, Kyle Beachy for his debut novel, The Slide.

Beachy is on the cover of the Riverfront Times this week.

If you are in St. Louis, he is in town as part of his book tour and you can meet and greet and have some good drinks at a great bar in town owned by his really good friend, and another high school classmate at the Gramophone off Manchester.

And check out the book, The Slide, which is getting some awesome reviews by the press.

You can also read another of many interviews of Kyle here at Largehearted Boy. This one is cool because it ties in music to his thinking and writing as he creates a playlist for his book. It also has a lot of links related to him and his book at the end of the article.

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