21 April 2009

Do we need to go back to kindergarten pie charts?

I saw this article last night. At first it made me laugh. Then it made me confused. Then it made me angry. Now I am back to being confused about how people can honestly be this stupid.

People can't figure out what it means when the weather people say there is a 20% chance of rain.

Some people honestly think that means that it will only rain over 20% of the news' viewing area.

Come on people.


  1. As bad as some of the weather predictions have been lately, DOESN'T it?

  2. ha ha, that's ridiculous

  3. Good morning, A....haven't caught up in a while.
    In the town I grew up in, there is a North Cherry Street (no.cherry) and a South Cherry Street (so. cherry. You wouldn't believe the number of people who thought it was So cherry or No cherry. Grown people. My sister was doing her train thing and the announcement came "White Plains next stop" A women jumped up and said "there is no white plains it says so right here! (No. white plains) She was probably on her way to the financial district!


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