08 February 2010

I will be a rock star parent

Despite some occasional fears about my ability to be a good parent, as each day passes and I see/read what other people do with their children, I realize that I will be a rock-star parent when given the chance.

A US soldier is charged with assault after waterboarding his child.  For not reciting the ABCs.

Waterboarding.  A four-year old.

For not saying her letters.

A teacher today told me that she heard of a parent who took her young children to a self-service car wash and sprayed the kids with the water for a punishment. As though she is a cop from the 1950s and 1960s.


I will be grand at parenting.

I understand that kids can be frustrating at times.  I have seen them in public, I have baby sat them, I teach over 100 of them each semester every school year.

I know I will be at better than these and other people.  Including the pastor who pulled a gun on his kid due to the kids lack of attendance at church.  Or the parent who executed his naked son over an argument.


  1. He waterboardered his child?


    Now that's the guy who should have had my now 21 year old son.

    I'm only partly kidding; might have made my kid even worse, although that's hard to imagine.

    If and when you do become a parent, you'll probably do fine. Only a very small percent of kids are bonafide hell raisers when they have good, or good enough, parents, and those kids have serious underlying mental health disorders and/or experienced trauma in their early years.

    Are you thinking of starting a family soon?

  2. @ Kit -- It is a bit comical until you realize that he didn't imagine doing it to his child... he actually did it.

    Not looking to become a parent too soon, though hopefully eventually. I think I will do all right. Thanks.


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