27 April 2010

Used sanitary napkins - come on!

I have seen some pretty disgusting acts people do.  I am a teacher and work around young people.

I guess, though, that I have been ignorant of the fact that there are so many nasty adults in the world.

That is why I am so intrigued by the shows Hoarders and Buried Alive.  It is really something to think that people can keep so much stuff and that some of them can live in such filth.

I thought I had really seen it all when I saw a lady on one of the shows that had animal feces all over the house and a white toilet that was almost as black as my ebony hair.

That was...


I read this:
Do you often encounter the far extreme of hoarding, like where people actually keep everything?

Yes, we do. In fact, in one of the first groups we ran there was a woman who saved used sanitary napkins and her argument was that she was going to dry them out and use them again. We also had another person who saved everything - parts of her body, everything that came into her house. She had used band aids stuck on the bathroom wall. The first time I was there she worked on at least trying to take them off the bathroom wall and it was just excruciating for her. She was crying and just in horrible pain pulling these band aids off the wall and putting them into a box. The hair that was collected in the bathtub was equally difficult for her to get rid of.
(Emphasis mine)

From an article on titled "Hoarding: How Collecting Stuff Can Destroy Your Life".

I know some people are not overly clean.  But, I thought grown-folks were at least half-way decent.

I understand that there is some sort of disfunction going on in these peoples' minds, but this is ridiculous - and just plain disgusting.

Yesterday after reading this, I cleaned the bathroom, washed the dishes, emptied the refrigerator, shredded some papers, and gathered together at least 8 items of clothing and 3 accessories that I have not used in the past few months to give away today.


  1. There really is something about being around someone who is filthy that makes you want to starting cleaning the minute you get home, followed by a shower.

  2. My children and I watch Hoarders and are horrified each week with the folks on that show. I think my kids would have a fit if I told them about reused sanitary napkins. That's just repugnant.

    1. Those shows really are horrifying. If you tell your children, make sure you warn them of the grotesqueness that you are about to tell first! Thanks for stopping by!


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