12 February 2013

Oh, no she didn't

I have had some bold students in the past - students who go off on teachers, students who fight with cans in socks, students who cheat on tests, students who tell bold-faced lies.

But never have I had this.

Students are working well.  Quite well - they are prepping for a discussion that will happen the next class period.  A student asks to go to the bathroom.

No biggie.

I sign her pass and she goes.

She comes back and shortly after, the room starts to smell.

Strong smells.

I am wondering where specifically the smell is coming from, and see this student sitting in the back of the room hunched over.

I immediately know she is the culprit.

The smell is getting stronger, and I know that the smell will not go away before the end of the school day.


I have clearly told her on several prior occasions that I do not allow food in my room.  She has even been around when I eat lunch in the room and throw it away in a different trash can so the smell of the food does not emanate.  I have signs posted on two walls in the room saying there is no food.

Yet, this bold-assed mini-woman has not only brought food into my room, but she done gone to the teachers' lunch room, used the teachers' microwave and brought the one of the strongest smelling foods into my classroom.

For her sake, I am glad that my voice left me at lunch today, because I really wanted to go off on her and call her out.  For her sake, it was better that I could only walk over to my computer and type up a report of what she did, requesting detention.  After school, I called home and left a message for her mother, as well.


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    1. Clearly, I am too tired to be making replies because I accidentally deleted yours instead of the spam one on Blogger.

      In response to your comment, I really think that she thought that if she sat in the back of the classroom upon her return that I would not be able to smell the popcorn.

      You can smell microwave popcorn down the hall or out the window most times, so how she thought that I would not smell it in a classroom with windows closed is beyond me.


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