28 March 2014

It's the simple things... except when it's not

I often think about really deep things with no answer: what do I want to be remembered for; do I notice enough great things around me; do I care too much about others' impressions of me; how will I get someone to help me create the two great apps I have in my mind?  Other times my mind wanders to the little things that still have no answers: if there is something like Smart Water, is there also dumb water; will I ever be able to crack open a hard-boiled egg and remove the shell without little tiny pieces; if I get trapped in subway in a tunnel, will I be able to make my way out without touching the third rail; the list goes on?


  1. I wonder about the egg thing also. And I think the subway question is a very valid concern!!

    1. Yes!! I worry about a good number of things.

      Nice to hear from you again!


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