01 April 2014

Customer service - for the win

Sometimes talking with customer service can be a pain in the nether regions.  Other times, after 30 minutes on the phone, they are able to fix my cell phone problems and reduce my bill and I can breathe easy again.


  1. That's a good customer service call! I recently had to call Amazon customer service because I accidently ordered coffee cups that didn't fit my Keurig. I knew it was going to be frustrating because it was a non-returnable item, but I was taking a chance. Not only did they issue a refund, but told me that since it was non-returnable to just keep the wrong ones or donate them somewhere! Took less than 10 minutes to resolve. Some days are good days.

    1. Glad yours worked out, too. I feel it has become rare for costumer service calls to go in the customer's favor...


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