19 August 2007

There's something wrong with the world today

I cut off another 1/2 inch of my hair. Now it is really short. I still like it.

Two of my sisters are in medical school. They constantly have stories to tell or new info to share that they have learned. The younger one is doing some rotations in clinics and hospitals in Rolla, MO right now. She was pretty stoked the other day when she saw her first black patient at her current clinic. Little did she know that not only did the woman have issues with being beaten by her man, but also issues with the baby she was carrying. Nothing seemed to be wrong with the baby, just the mother's mental state with regard to naming the being in her stomach.

She told Peggy that her friends had been telling her not to name the baby what she wanted to name it. But she really liked the name and thought it was super unique. That should have been a warning to Kid Sis #2 already. The lady kept talking about how she thought the name would be great and that on first look, no one would even know how to say it. That was her reasoning for picking the most bizarre middle name for her baby girl.

I'm sure you are wondering what the name was. Prepare yourself.


Seems kind of strange, yes. Just say it phonetically. It is a variation of the phrase "It wasn't me."

What is wrong with people? The baby will have two middle names. First name is some Greek goddess (I believe Persephone), then it is Ewuznme Darling, then the last name which is a pretty common last name.

It's not even just an American thing. There was a couple in China want to name their child @.

Help me understand.

The other day I saw a man in the store wearing a backpack. At first I was a little perturbed, no one really wears backpacks in the store. Then I looked a little bit closer and saw that there was a bird inside. The backpack was a bird cage. Do people really love their birds that much that they need to create a carrying case to bring them into the public with them? I'm sure the birds would get really excited seeing the outdoors, but in a way that they would want to be set free, not caged, teased with the trees, then brought into a store with crap they can't peck at or shit on.

As if that backpack were not strange or unusual enough, there is a company now who is creating bullet-proof backpacks targeted toward suburban America. I guess I would be afraid for my children, too, in a society where the gun laws are increasingly becoming lenient. Here in MO you are now allowed to shoot and kill anyone who steps onto any part of your premises with out your permission. And there has been the conceal and carry for some time now. The bags are supposed to be bullet- and knife-proof.

This is the world in which we live.


  1. I really need to get that bird cage backpack . . . and a bird. Hilarious story.

  2. I have also seen the guy with the birdcage backpack and thought it was one of the wierdest things to hit Shop N Save (and that is saying something). Is it really necessary to take the bird with you to buy toilet paper?


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