15 July 2009

No shame in their game - attacking children and the president

I am not completely surprised by the reactions/comments made by these people about the Obama family. After all, these are the same people that compared the President, his wife, and other African Americans to monkeys. And then had the gall to say that it was not a racial comparison -- that despite the historical connotation that animal has to brown people, they did not mean any harm by the comparisons.

This is from when the family was in Europe. Thanks to afrobella for the heads up.

They attacked Malia, her appearance, the family, and the man with them. Click here for a summary from the Canadian Vancouver Sun.

They have no shame in their comments. See the comment thread here. Click the image to make it bigger so you can read what they say -- I don't even want to bother repeating any of their comments.

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