05 September 2009

Oh, to be rich and have new legs

Not only am I trying to save money to move somewhere greater, now I am also going to save so that I can get some Digilegs. I accidentally flipped the tv to MTV and saw a clip from Rob Dyrdek's show. He was walking with these legs and I was just super enthralled. Oh, to be rich and have money to just throw away on useless, yet fun, toys.

Check out the video of the demo of these legs. If you fast forward a bit, you can see how they look with the "fur" on them. The chick even rocks a skirt while wearing the legs.

I'm sure you are thinking that this would put together for a great Halloween costume (though not for this year with the two month waiting period with the order), but if I spend $1000 on these, they will be more than a costume. They will be my (at least) once a week gear when I teach, what I wear to do work on the outside of the house, my "shoes" when I want to walk around the neighborhood, and my outfit to bring back various concepts from ancient mythology.

You can see the designer and try to order yours here.

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