13 September 2009

I am not a cougar!

Since I got these micro-braids put in, I have had many people not recognize me and many people at school mistake me for a student -- even my own students, in my own classroom, while I am standing behind my teacher desk.

The worst mistaken identity occurred Friday night.

Once a season, each varsity sport participant gets to pick a teacher that they like or who has inspired them (or something) who they give their uniform (or t-shirt if they don't have uniforms that would be able to fit a teacher or would be school appropriate, like boys swimmers). We take a large picture with all the teachers and athletes in the morning before school and then the teachers try and make it to the game that day. Last year, since I taught only freshman, I kind of felt left out until one of my kids second semester was a super-star soccer player and she selected me.

This year, I was hoping that after track last season and with me teaching one class that is not freshman, I would get selected at least once.

A football player selected me, which meant I had to make the long trek back to school for some Friday night lights.

I've got the boy's jersey on, my braids in a high-pon, and am chilling in the stands sitting with a couple of other lady teachers to my left.

Throughout the first quarter as I try to focus my attention on the game rather than on the entertaining people watching, I notice that a man in our row down a bit further to the left keeps looking at me.

Second quarter I am noticing the same thing happening with this man. I try and ignore it, though I can feel him steady looking at me and I am beginning to get a little weirded out by it.

The quarter ends and half-time begins.

He scoots closer to us, reaches over the other two women and talks to me while pointing at my jersey.

"You are wearing _____ ______'s jersey aren't you?" I smile politely and agree that I am indeed wearing his jersey.

"Well, he's my son and I'm trying to figure out why he didn't tell me that he had a girlfriend. I thought he told me everything, but I had no idea he was into a girl enough to have her wear his jersey to games."

Complete shock. Thoughts go through my head really quickly.
Are you mad?
Do I really look that young?
Do you not notice that all the adults/teachers are the ones wearing the white jerseys?
Do you really think your son could "score" me?
Should I go off on you for your insinuation?

Fortunately these thoughts are censored and I simply smile to the man and let him know that I am the boy's teacher and explained the process of how I was selected to wear the uniform.

"Oh, that makes sense. That makes me feel a bit better. And now that you mention it, I do remember him saying something about honoring his favorite teacher today." He officially introduces himself and his girlfriend.

Thanks buddy.

Of course the jokes from the other two ladies come out after he scoots back to his spot to continue watching his son play some surprisingly good defense on the field.

On a completely different note, if you haven't heard Keith Olbermann's reaction to Joe Wilson, check it out here. His first few minutes are what I have been meaning to write a blog post about for some time. How people can get so offended by the current president after all that went down with G-dubb is really beyond me.


  1. It may be annoying to look younger than your age, but 20 years from now you'll be doing a happy dance over it!

  2. aaand, I just died! COUGAR!?

    Also, I never thought about it the way KO explained it. All very true.


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