17 December 2009

You can tell I need a vacation

Today at lunch in the teachers' lounge some of the teachers were poking fun at a student who they just found out has a girlfriend.  "I guess there is someone for everyone," one of the teachers said.

It took all my energy and food being in my mouth to not say something along the lines of "You should have known that since all of you are married and you are mostly jackasses, assholes, jerks, and people I can't imagine being with a woman in a relationship.  So yeah, there is someone for everyone."  I had to leave the room after I finished chewing that bite because I couldn't stand to listen to them go off about kids, teachers, and life in general and I also didn't have the patience to put together a way to go off on them in a way that would have them shut up real quick and rethink before they speak bad about stupid shit.

The guy across the hall usually plays music between classes.  For a time it was Miley Cyrus "Party in the USA".  For about a month now, it has been holiday music.  I can't stand doing hall duty between classes because of the music.  I don't go to stores after Thanksgiving (though now they are playing it before even that holiday) because I may have to suffer through that music.  Now I have to suffer through it for 6 minutes after each class.

And he plays it loud.  Real loud.

Very glad for short days the rest of this week and next week.  Super glad there are only 3 times during the next few days that he will be playing that music since there are only two classes each day until the break.

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