14 December 2008

Political press conference turns violent and comical

Ummm... I guess this is to be expected to happen when you have a really low national approval rating (14% say they strongly approve of his job as president, only 35% somewhat approve) and people all over the world basically counting down the days until 01.20.09.

Click here to see video of a journalist in Iraq throwing not one, but two shoes at Mr. Bush's head.


  1. He's been tortured since then. Cracked ribs, etc.

  2. Wow!! I hadn't heard that, yet. I had heard that a lot of people in various countries see him as a hero. Some one even wants to buy the shoes he threw for a million dollars each.

  3. I saw that and I thought it was pretty hilarious.

  4. It tickles me every time I see it... until I think of how they must have treated the man who threw the shoes afterward.


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