31 December 2008

Infomercials -- I need to get in on these

Is it really that hard when you are cold to put on more clothes? Is it really that hard to sit under a blanket without getting your hands tangled when you need to answer the phone or grab the remote control to rewind the dvd you are watching?

Maybe it is. I guess that is why there is the Snuggie.

I understand not wanting to raise your heating bill -- my house is cold because I am not trying to pay more money on that crap. But I can put on more layers or cuddle up on the couch and be cool -- I mean warm.

I don't need a crazy looking robe to be warm when I have a my old school Mizzou hoodie and a nice blanket.

I really need to look into inventing some sort of unnecessary product and sell it on late night tv. Then I can yell throughout the commercials like ol' dude.

Get at me if you have some ideas for inventions.


  1. When you get your infomercial, I've got a product for you.

    You know how slippers always end up stretching out and not staying on so well?

    My product (which you can take free of charge!) basically attaches long elastic tubes or other material to the shoes, and loops them over your shoulders like suspenders.

    It still needs a catchy name and celebrity to endorse it, but you never know...

  2. LOL!! Interesting. I'm not a big slipper person, but I know a lot of people are. Not sure if the shoulder strap would be comfortable, but they would definitely stay up.

  3. Hmmm. I liked that blue snuggie, lol! Here's an idea for you:

    Cold? Want to change your channel but you know your remote will cold to the touch? Buy Snuggie Companion! It snuggles your remote while you snuggle in your Snuggie Blanket Robe.

    *Only $9.95, including postage and handling*

  4. You know my mom bought my grandma a Snuggie for Christmas. And my brothers and I cracked up outside of her presence.

  5. AAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!

    I am seeing the Snuggie everywhere. Is this thing really that great of an invention? I don't understand. It is a long backward robe that seems as though it would be really awkward to be in/move around in.

    @ Kit -- That really sounds like something someone needs to invent. After all, why would you want to have your body all warm and snuggly under your Snuggie and have to touch something all cold?

    @ KBO -- I don't think I would have been able to contain my fits of laughter if someone I knew was seen in a Snuggie. You are better than me.

  6. the Snuggie is dope...

    Dude's beard is pure evil I tell you

  7. @ The Progressive Proletarian -- Perhaps you have changed since your playing days, and I don't mean any offense by this, but do they make them in your size?
    And that guy is truly scary looking. And he screams way too much.


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