08 January 2009

Knowing is half the battle

Today I was sitting talking with some one and at the end of whatever they were telling me they said, "And now you know."

Of course, my response was, "And knowing is half the battle."

Did any one else love the PSAs that used to come on during the cartoon G.I. Joe back in the day?

Here are a few of the life lessons in case you missed out.

In case you wanted to play hide-and-seek in some strange places, here's one for you:

If you like soldiers in tight clothes, here's one for you:

"There's nothing chicken about being smart":

In recognition of Olly Olly Oxen Free's latest blog post here's on on dogs:

If you go to youtube you can see some kind of funny parodies of these old PSAs, too.


  1. That was great!

  2. Hi A.Eye,

    Yeah, the getting the knowing part is hard enough; finding what to do with it is often the hardest part, although sometimes we get lucky, and solutions are clear.


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