15 January 2009

Unintentional vacation

I was just joking (kind of) when I was trying to figure out how to make it so that my work week would be just three days like it was last week.

No, we did not get off for the cold today, even though it is literally 8 degrees as I write this. I'm sure the wind chill is still below zero.

Instead, I was somehow able to inflict a horrific injury on myself in my half-sleeping state.

I tend to wake up before my alarm every day, look at it and see just how much longer I have to go back to sleep. I then go back to sleep for those last 20 or so minutes and awaken to the cell phone alarm. Yesterday morning I woke up and some how turned over to reach for the phone and wound up poking myself in the eye. But it was more than the ordinary poke. I believe it was Ralph on the Simpson's who said, "It feels like... burning!"

I tried to lay back in bed and let the pain cease but that didn't work. I then got up to look in the mirror. Saw what looked like a cut on my eye. Went to look on the internet to see what to do if you scratch your eye. All the while the burning is incredible. I then remembered that I was supposed to teach at school that day. Still early enough to call in sick. So I did.

Unfortunately I still have to go to the school to get sub plans ready. So I went the 30 minutes to the school, spent over an hour writing the stuff, with intermittent moments where my eye burned so bad that I thought it would be better to pull it out like this guy did -- though I wouldn't have been able to eat it. I imagine the vitreous fluid would not feel good as it squirted onto my tongue.

Called a bunch of doctors who were not opened yet by 8:30. Ended up going to eye doctor in a local hospital. They put some yellow drop in my eye that made it easier to see how big the cut was. It was about a fourth of my iris. Crazy. I guess I should have trimmed my nails this past weekend like I had wanted to.

After the doc put the protective cover on my eye, it was much better. Only annoyance after that was having to put eye drops in every two hours. But to keep my vision, I'm cool with that.

Tomorrow is a PD day, so no teaching of students.

I succeeded, unintentionally of working just three days this week.

Next week - Martin Luther King holiday on Monday, so just four days of work. January is looking nice.


  1. Um, so do you have a patch? Because I will brave the cold to go out if you wear a patch.

  2. I bought patches after I left the school in the morning. Even though our mascot is the pirates, I decided to go with the stick on/band-aid like patches rather than the black one with the band. For some reason those always remind me of John Black from Days of Our Lives. But I only wore it until I went to the doctor. With sunglasses on top as though those would hide the patch. They didn't. But I did feel a little bit like I was a superstar wearing glasses inside buildings.

    Once the protective contact was put in, I no longer needed to keep my eye constantly closed. Though I am supposed to be limiting the amount of reading and eye movements I conduct throughout the day.


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