28 January 2009

Wordless Wednesday -- Laziness

This video is an advertisement for some sort of health company in Canada.

The first minute and a half are hilarious. People can be so lazy and so needy and helpless.


  1. Some people really are just needy and helpless, or they are somehow invested in seeming or being that way.
    We see it all the time at work."pick me up I'm not comfortable" They want to be pulled higher in the bed which is understandable because you tend to slide down, but many are willing to do nothing to assist you. Those who are unwilling are usually the size of a wood-burning furnace.
    I once had this dear, elderly gentleman who would cross the room to get his urinal, use it and then walk to the toilet to empty it.
    seem's like he could save a step or two, but I guess at his age it was good exercise!

  2. Wow! I know we all look for people to help us. However, sometimes it will be better if we help ourselves.

  3. @ sisterstation -- I agree. I don't know how you do it at work. The idea of using a pan to use the bathroom rather than a toilet is kind of disturbing to me, so I can't imagine walking to grab instead of using an actual bathroom. But I guess it does give him some exercise. LOL.

    @ myundiary & @ Torrance -- So true. We do sometimes need assistance, but there are many occasions when we can help ourselves. Sometimes we may not know how to help ourselves, but other times, the solutions are very easy, just like in the video.


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