25 January 2009

Five times the fears, almost zero times the help

Why have this family not received as much help as others who have multiple children in one birth?

Could it be because they are brown? Because they are foreign? Because they are from a distressed area of the world?

I don't know.

I hope that Oprah, or TLC, or some diaper companies, or some scholarship funds, or some food companies, or just some regular Joes and Bumquishas step up and help them the way people have helped people like the Duggars and John and Kate + 8. They need help just as much.


  1. I think all this family needs is promotion before companies start throwing swag their way...so you've done your small part!

  2. Oh gosh I don't know how to say this without hurting Kathy G's feelings but I think that assertion is a log of hogwash!
    A is absolutely right. Anybody else that was white or cute or whatever other ridiculous standard applies would be living in a nice house in a nice neighborhood with a veritable battalion of people to help her and her mother. If interest and donations have tailed off, it's going to take more than one blog to turn them into the national sweethearts they deserve to be. And just look at how pretty their momma is! Their situation needs to go viral on the net.Youtube oughta go into their house with a cam and record the chaos and the valor with which theses ladies are managing their collective lives. As a matter of fact, i'm gonna go call my younger sister who's way more cyber savvy.
    By the way, A, I would like to become your follower too as soon as I can figure out how!
    As you know I'm new to all this but having the ride of my life!
    The democratization of information! is an accomplishment of mammoth proportions and we all get to share it.
    One last thing I want to share with you because you are a teacher. A teacher in high school quite literally saved my emotional life, because she believed in me. Nobody else did, everyone thought i was, I guess, a kind of a dork, and as a student I occasionally encountered derision, sneers and insults( kind of like a lot of little black kids, right?) but this woman, who was a very young art teacher, gave me something no one else had ever done; she gave me a love of self and an understanding of the beauty of my soul, and I began to believe in me.
    The biggest satisfaction of my nursing career has been knowing that sometimes, I'm in the right place and the right time to do something for a person,just like that woman did for me. And you, as a teacher, are so important, because you, also, get to do that all the time. I firmly believe that all it takes is, one person.

  3. I just saw a video of a woman received a life-time supply of diapers shortly after she delivered her multiples.

    And she is remaining anonymous.

    They still found her and got her some free diapers.

    Thanks for the information on your experience with a teacher. I hope that I do that with at least some of the kids I encounter. I know that I have with some who I have mentored directly and still keep in contact with, but I hope there are others who just don't know how to express it, or who may not realize my influence until way after I have them in class.

    I hope.


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