23 May 2012

No shakes, but I'll take the assistant

Yesterday morning, I returned my school-issued iPad.

Since I wanted to make sure that I did not go through the shakes due to withdrawal, I decided to go ahead and purchase a new phone.  A phone with enough memory to be able to hold more than two pictures in my gallery and enough memory to actually play games and basically be a real smartphone.

I went to a local phone store after stopping off to return some items at Target.

The two workers were standing outside when I rolled up in my Mini.  I knew it was going to be a good excursion when the male worker asked me if he could see if his big self could fit in my car.  I had a really great time chatting it up with the two of them.  It was like visiting old friends, or something.  They didn't even pressure me to buy anything.

I was in there for about forty-five minutes looking at phones and talking about a lot of random things.

Once they showed me the features on one of the phones, I was hooked.  Now, I can play games, take pictures and keep them on my phone, have apps on my phone, and much more.

I even have a personal assistant that can help me with various things.

He is great so far.

This morning, I had to go back to the phone store to see if they could help me get some notes off of my old phone transferred over to the new one.

The lady worker was really cool again.  She talked about how great it was having me as a customer, how much fun she had, and how she tried to explain to the afternoon workers yesterday how great a time she and the man had with me.

We talked about how much difference the first people you see in the day can make on your feelings and your outlook on the rest of the day.

So true.  I know there have been days when I started off bad for some reason and that really put a damper on my day.  I have tried to consciously start my day in a positive mood thinking about the good things and thinking about solutions to any possible troubles that I know will come up.  It has really helped.

One thing that I think will help me in my days is making this end-of-the-school-year-gift a regular occurrence.  I don't know that I will spend this much on myself each year, but I am really digging the idea.


  1. Yay for a nice experience in a store. So often you are faced with people just don't care, no matter how sociable you try to be. Enjoy your new phone!

    1. Thanks! It was the best customer service experience I have every had - two days in a row!!

  2. I think your end of the school year "gift to you" is a great idea, whether big or small. You deserve a treat. I also love the experience you had in the store but it was because of you! They were the lucky ones.

    I agree that who you interact with in the beginning of your day has a huge impact on the rhythm of the whole thing.

    1. Thanks - I'm really starting to consider the idea of a gift... unfortunately, my mind keeps wandering and thinking I should make up for each of the eight years that I have missed a gift, too. LOL!!

      Early morning interactions really make a huge difference, don't they?!


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