07 January 2013

January photo-a-day: Week 1

January Photo-a-Day.  Prompts provided by Fat Mum Slim.

January 1 - Today
1. I had a pretty chill day to start off the year.  I slept in, ate some cereal and then jumped into this book for most of the day.  It is the novel form of one of my favorite movies of the same title.  It came back into the media when Hunger Games came out because people compared Hunger Games to Battle Royale.  I have not seen Hunger Games, but LOVED this book.  I thought the movie was great, but the book (like most times) was WAYYYYYY better.  I finished all 600+ pages in a few days.  First book I've read since mid-summer.  I am hungry for more great reading.

January 2 - Something new
2. After school, I headed over to the Wall Street.  The boo has been telling me how incredibly small the streets are in this area for years.  I understood, but didn't really get it until I was actually there.  It is unbelievable to me how the streets can be so small that only one car can fit and the buildings so incredibly tall that I couldn't even get them in a picture.  How were they built?  How did they fit the construction equipment?  This was really something new that I cannot get over.

January 3 - Heart
3. My boo fills my heart with love.  He knows that I don't like to be hungry and can get irritable if I get too hungry.  He had a stash of candy bars, little breath mints, and cookies from work.  I told him I didn't need any, but when I left for school the next morning, I felt this in my pocket as I reached for my keys. I really needed a nice snack that day, too.

January 4 - The view from here
4. I had never had a view of so many suits as in this store where the boo was picking up and getting fitted for a new suit.  I didn't even know that there were different ways you could have the pant leg sit on your shoes.

January 5 - Movement
5. Since winter break, I have gotten back into my exploration of NYC.  I went to Zuccotti Park - home of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  It was empty, with a few people on the far side doing something, but it was still pretty amazing to picture all of the people who camped out their for days and days and weeks trying to get their message heard.

January 6 - Mine
6. On the last day before winter break, I was in the teachers' lounge area getting the breakfast the staff had provided for us.  On one of the tables as I helped set up some gift cards they gave us, was this container.  I have wanted something to lick envelopes for me for years - I even said so out loud   (Not that I mail that many things, but, here, I have the rent payment to mail each month - never done that before, usually a drop off location - plus a few other bills and bank things.) When I was leaving school for the break, I stopped in the mail box room and saw this sitting in my mailbox.  Now, it is mine.  Not sure who put it there, but it is amazing.  I used it on Sunday to close some envelopes and my tongue was so happy to not have to taste the nasty adhesive.  I'm pretty sure I remember a time in my childhood when the sticky stuff tasted like candy and not the underside of a city-walker's shoe... or maybe I'm imagining that.

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