14 January 2013

January photo-a-day: Week 2

January Photo-a-Day; prompts from Fat Mum Slim.

January 7 - Street
7. I love the lines in this photo.  Reminds me of my days in photography class back in high school.  Lines going in so many different directions.

January 8 - Something beginning with 't'
8. No, I am not wearing a religious head covering.  On this day, I walked into the bathroom during my prep period and, as I was squatting over the seat, noticed that I had a three inch hole in the middle of my pants.  I had split my pants.  I had noticed that I have been putting on weight, but this is ridiculous!!

January 9 - Paper
9. Pretty cool idea.  Reading the article, it is not the entire area of Chelsea, but there are a lot of areas that will be wi-fi supported.

January 10 - One o'clock
10. A little after one was my prep period on this day.  I had a lot of grading to do hence the scoring guide for the essay.  I was also planning a lesson on apartheid.

January 11 - Water
11. I love my water bottle.  After I washed the silicony smell out of it, it is now perfect and folds down easily after I am done using it for easy storage in my bag.  And I love the color of it.

January 12 - Surprise
12. After splitting my pants on Tuesday, I guess it should have come as no surprise that my lower body measurements were bigger than they were last summer.  I'm growing.  And I don't mean mentally.

January 13 - Circle
13. I need to get back to my yoga and find some sort of cardio I can stick with.  I hate to be the ubiquitous new year, time to get in shape person - I never have done that, ever.  But this year, I am huge and I need to.

January first week photos can be seen on this page.


  1. I love your water bottle too! Where did you get that thing?

    1. It is awesome!!

      I picked it up in a sporting goods store, but I've started to see some department stores have some different versions of the foldable water bottle, too.

  2. Great picture! I am chuckling to myself, as I am the one who needs to more as I sit all day long. The tape measure would probably send me over the edge!
    Hope the schoolbus strike doesn't cause too many problems for your class. My sister's kids mostly live in the apts across the street so she isn't really effected.

    1. There were a lot of students absent the first day of the strike, but I'm not sure if that was to do with the weather and the cold temperatures, and the flu, or the buses.


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